Customer Service Online

512 Clock Hours | 16-Weeks

Program Description

Discover what it means to provide truly outstanding customer service, along with the value of customer excellence to the modern business. Course content focuses on six critically important topics, which explore the definition of customer service. Our introductory customer services course is ideally suited to those already working in a customer service capacity or considering exploring a new career area. Learn about customer service skills that create positive first impressions, manage customer expectations, and build customer loyalty.

Career Outcomes

Customer Service Representatives work in clean, well-lit areas. Opportunities for employment include offices, retail stores, and customer call centers. There are also employment opportunities as store associates, sales associates, cashiers, call center representative and sales representatives.

Upon completion of this program, the successful student will be able to:

  1. Microsoft Office, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, and Outlook
  2. Improve Keyboarding & 10-Key techniques
  3. Understand the importance and benefits of having excellent customer service skills
  4. Understand how body language and listening play an essential role in providing good customer service
  5. Telephone Etiquette
  6. Utilize Cash Register and POS System
  7. Know how to evaluate customer service through feedback and staff training.