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Lots of people pick CDI for training because it's flexible. We get that life is busy and there's a lot to juggle. If your education matters to you, we're happy to figure out a schedule that works for you. That way, you can still handle your schooling and home life without stress.

Support when you need it

Helping students is really important for their success. We're ready to help them grow personally and do well in school. We also want them to feel positive, confident, patient, and motivated.

Small Class environment

Our classes have between 4 to 8 students, and we can have up to 10 students at most. If we have more than 5 students, we bring in extra teachers. Having small classes like ours is awesome because it helps us make friends and support each other to succeed.

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a unique educational experience.

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From start to finish, these programs are filled with material that will help you jump-start your career. By the end of your training, you will have gone from basic understanding to advanced skills in any one of our five programs. Each program is designed to fill you with the skills that are necessary when performing at a job site.

Improve Your Resume

So many businesses are reliant on Microsoft Word and Excel to run efficiently and effectively. Employees will need to have at least a basic knowledge of the software.
Excel enables the users to organize, calculate, and evaluate data, while Microsoft Word offers tons of flexibility when creating professional reports, letters, contracts, and other documents.

Learn Online

Learning online has gained so much popularity over the years because of its many benefits. It allows you to learn at your own pace and set your own schedule without having to commute. Learn anytime and anywhere!

What Our students Say

"I enjoyed the individual attention I received with a smaller class environment. The skill set is right on target and learning paces are to your abilities. I could not have achieved my goals without this course. Preparing you for a career and not just a job. Would highly recommend Career Development Institute to all."
- Yvonne Pierce
Office Automation
"Excellent staff, very friendly, knowledgeable in their area of instruction and very professional. One on one instruction and personalized curriculum to fit the students’ needs are always a priority at CDI. Very knowledgeable and experienced in helping veterans and military personnel take full advantage of their benefits. Highly motivated instructors and willing to work with your schedule. I highly recommend CDI to anyone looking to jump start their career."
MSG, US ARMY (Retired)
Computer Repair Technician

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