Program Description

This course is designed to prepare students for any work environment where computers are used.  By the completion of the course, graduates will have the ability to build their own personal computer, network computers and printers, remove a virus threat, complete software and hardware upgrades, and work with various operating systems. As part of your training, you will become proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Student Learning Outcomes

Depending upon selected concentration, upon completion of this program, the successful student will be able to:

  1. Apply problem solving and critical thinking skills to information technology solutions.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of hardware and software installation, maintenance, and support.
  3. Use technical support and customer service best practices.
  4. Troubleshoot, maintain and secure PC’s, and peripherals.
  5. Relate and apply concepts of communication, reasoning, critical analysis, ethical behavior and appropriate interpersonal interaction to situations in his or her career and personal life.

Graduation Requirements

  • Successful completion of the courses listed above
  • Minimum keyboarding speed of 35 net words per minute

Employment Opportunities

Job options and career opportunities for computer repair technicians look promising as demand for highly trained professionals in the field is increasing with the growth of new technologies, software programs, and electronic devices. As more companies become technologically advanced, companies seek professionals who can teach and train others as well as implement appropriate processes and networks for technical support.

 Below is a list of common computer technician titles organized by job type.

·         Field Computer Tech ·         PC Technician
·         Help Desk/Technical Support ·         Entry Level Computer Technician