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Mission and Purpose

Our Mission

Career Development Institute strives to educate students with the essential job skills required to present themselves as highly valuable assets to succeed in today’s evolving job market. In order to best accomplish this, we provide them with opportunities to develop the thought processes, knowledge, self-confidence, professionalism, along with skills and abilities to gain and maintain employment with their chosen industry.



The Career Development Institute’s objectives are to:

  • Implement a collaborative learning model to engage diverse learners;
  • Promote research, entrepreneurship, and technological innovation;
  • Ensure relevance to our corporate partners’ learning needs; and,
  • Empower our graduates to contribute to the community.

Career Development Institute’s academic programs are specifically designed to align with the stated mission and purpose with the following five measurable learning outcomes for each program offered by Career Development Institute:

  • Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving;
  • Self-Confidence and Personal Growth;
  • Professionalism and Work Ethic;
  • Teamwork and Collaboration;
  • Oral Communication; and Written Communication.

Career Development Institute seeks to ensure that its graduates will demonstrate the following attributes:

  • Critical awareness of multiple approaches, methods, and assumptions of different academic
  • disciplines and how these are applied to social and professional problems;
  • Personal accountability and effective work habits (e.g., working optimally with others, effectively manage time, and work responsibilities);
  • Academic and professional decision-making ability based on commonly accepted ethical standards and practices;
  • Collaborate effectively with others to achieve a common goal; and,
  • Express communication competence (oral and written).