Most frequent questions and answers
We have what is called open entry enrollment. There is no waiting period to begin training. You can begin training any Monday of the month.
We have a small classroom environment; 4-8 students per class. With a max capacity of 10 students. Additional instructors are used when we reach more than 5 students.

Scholarships are available to those who qualify. CDI works with various programs and partners that offer scholarships for training. Our goal is to help you get free training through one of our partners so you don’t pay out of pocket. To access the application for free training click here. Once you fill out the application we can let you know immediately if you will qualify for free training. 

We understand education is a big financial investment and everyone’s financial situation is different.  We now offer customized payment plans to our students.

All of our training is hands-on. You will experience first-hand what it will be like in the workforce. Wherever you are on your journey-we can take your skill set to the next level.

Call our office at (559) 651-1425, ask for Hector.  He can answer all of your questions and concerns.